Leave Our Kids Alone Today we are joined by Dr. Syed Haider to talk about the …

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Leave Our Kids Alone

Today we are joined by Dr. Syed Haider to talk about the dangerous decision to vaccinate children 6 months and up. Dr. Syed Haider has been treating patients suffering from vaccine injury and covid related issues. He is speaking out on the growing concerns of mass vaccination, especially in the youngest of our population. Dr. Haider says, “Never in history have so many lives been hanging in the balance……we must punish the wrong doers, heal the injured and especially stand up for the children who cannot speak for themselves.”

Roman Baber is a politician running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada and is here to talk about his vision for the CPC.

Mark Friesen aka The Grizzly Patriot, will join us to talk about the upcoming farmer’s protest that will roll from Moose Jaw to Regina on July 23rd.

RESOURCES: https://bit.ly/3oabHWn

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